From 5 stars to 5,000 stars

Stars are a common theme with us here at Experience Môr; stars of the awarding kind and of the stargazing kind. At Experience Môr we are proud to announce that all of our Pembrokeshire self catering cottages have the highest accolade, having been awarded 5 star grading by Visit Wales.

So what is the common theme, we hear you ask? As well as our cottages boasting 5 stars, Pembrokeshire is a great place to experience stargazing at its best, with the potential of seeing as many as possible of those spectacular 5,000 stars that are visible to the average, naked, human eye.

Ever experienced stargazing in a place where skies aren’t affected by artificial lighting, which pollutes our night skies? That’s what awaits you at our Experience Môr cottages (weather permitting of course!). Located in a rural setting, you will have the opportunity to gaze into the skies without the distraction of streetlights and other artificial lights. An opportunity to gaze into the fascinating world of the night sky.

Along with enjoying the earth’s atmosphere from our Experience Môr cottages, we are blessed to have a number of sites in Pembrokeshire that are designated as Dark Sky Discovery Sites.

Dark Sky Discovery Sites are locations, which are:

– Located away from the worst of any local light pollution.

– Provide good sightlines of the sky (free from buildings which get in the way).

– Have good public access, including firm ground for wheelchairs. The sites are generally freely accessible at all times.

Sites across the UK are designated by darkness ratings. Here in Pembrokeshire we have 6 sites that are designated ‘Milky Way’ spots, which are sites in which the Milky Way is visible to the naked eye.

– Garn Fawr National Trust Car ParkThe locations we have in Pembrokeshire are:

– Sychpant PCNPA Picnic site (both near our Newport cottages)

– Martin’s Haven National Trust Car Park

– Kete National Trust Car Park

– Broadhaven South Car Park

– Skrinkle Haven Car Park

All are great locations to head out and stargaze from.

If you are new to stargazing and wondering where to start, we’ve pulled together some top tips for you to head out and experience the clear night skies of Pembrokeshire.


Our Experience Môr cottages are a good place to start, or try one of Pembrokeshire’s Dark Sky Discovery Sites.


At least an hour and a half after sunset and on a night when the moon isn’t bright in the sky.


  • You can discover the stars of the night sky with your unaided vision, but we also have a pair of binoculars on hand in each Experience Môr cottage, which you are encouraged to use. Jonathan (the owner) will be happy to give you some top tips on how to use them.
  • Wrap up warm and take a flask with you, as this will allow you to stay outside in the cold for longer.
  • Learn about what you’re looking at by downloading this handy starchart ( to help you on your way.